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This Black Matte Mug features single brush stroke painting style surface painting with an interior matching the black matte glaze. Glossy clear is glazed around the lip of the glass to offer an approachable mouthfeel while you sip your tea, coffee, "beverages", etc.


Durable stoneware ceramic wares offer microwave-safe, dishwasher-safe, food safe, and strach-free surface, sanded bottoms of each hand made piece. 


Please enjoy the makers mark "button" near the handle of the mug. This signature is my stamp of authentication that said piece was made with positive intentions, and out of the love of the craft/process. Ceramics has always been a mindful practice, in addition to painting murals. Combining two of my passions, I designed this squiggle-brushstroke surface to catch the eye, but also be reiminecent of the some cursive letters/characters, as I also love to hand letter as well... okay you caught me... I like to do it all, make it all. But one hand made ware that encompasses 3 of my passions? An instant favorite to make, use, and savor.

Black Matte Mug

  • — With each individually crafted piece, the mug you recieve may have unique hand made differences from the photo shown.

  • Next throwing/making session: August 21 — September 10th

    As I have various other jobs/creative commitments, I share with you my making schedule to make aware of the timing you will receive your order. I will be sure to keep you updated if your order can not be fulfilled 21 days after this making session. High quantities of pieces ordered may also cause extra making time. Thank you for understanding.  - Grace, the artist

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